Movie Poster Snap Frames - 27" x 40" & 27" x 41" Sizes

Movie Poster Frames with Snap-Open, Quick-Clip Edges

Want to hang up your favorite 27x40 or 27x41 movie poster? These hollywood film snap frames provide the perfect solution. Hobbyists, collectors, and professional cinemas can all take advantage of these movie poster frames, especially because they are priced so competitively. We even provide wholesale pricing for bulk orders, so outfitting an entire theatre or cineplex is simple. The unique front-loading design of the frames makes it easy for any user to quickly change out old film prints with the latest coming attractions. Simply snap up the spring-loading framework, remove the protective lens, and insert your favorite playbill or hollywood ad. Then, replace the clear plastic overlay and close the quick-clip edges to secure the graphic. It's that easy! Why waste time fussing with frames that have to be removed from the wall just to update? Get these snap frames to ensure all your upcoming movie advertisements and classic film posters are professionally displayed.

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