Lockable Snap Frames - Indoor & Outdoor Graphic Displays

Aluminum Snap Frames with Locks Prevent Tampering in Public Places

Keep you graphics and promotional advertisements safe from tampering with these locking snap frames. Each wall mounted print display incorporates a set screw, so fidgety hands are kept at bay in busy stores, schools, offices, and other buildings. Professionally printed graphics are expensive enough as is, so why not get the right framing to keep them protected? All of these lockable frames feature easy-to-update designs that allow for simple front access. This way the user can quickly refresh their advertising campaigns without worrying that others could make unauthorized changes, or worse: destroy the posters altogether. Every one of these frames includes a clear lens that also helps to protect displayed graphics once the sides have been locked down. Don't just sit back and watch your high quality promotional posters get destroyed when you can spend a little more to get the right aluminum snap frame for the job!

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